An uplifting and supportive community for female solopreneurs and CEOs navigating the
peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship.

An uplifting and supportive community
for female solopreneurs
and CEOs navigating the peaks + valleys of entrepreneurship.

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Camp Climb intends to push you out of your comfort zone and into your calling. We bring innovative women together in a supportive and empowering environment and offer the safe space and validation needed to go after and achieve dreams. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial or creative journey, you belong here with us. 

Founded on a longing for community

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As indicated by our name, Camp Climb is the host of Summer Camp, an annual weekend retreat in the heart of the Midwest designed to push you out of your comfort zone and hone in on your inner dreams and professional desires. 

With a schedule of super-curated speakers, mentored group sessions, and the unique opportunity to step out of their “everyday”, campers are able to unwind and sit into the present so they may both center the self and foster supportive, deep, creative relationships. 

The weekend is packed with fun activities, such as a night time pool party, canoeing, and lots of bonfires to help reconnect with your inner child and give you the chance to relax and play. 

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 "I keep referencing the feeling I had after I left Camp. It was such a beautiful experience & I felt the most connected to myself that I have since I was a little girl....
In short, THANK YOU for this beautiful, safe place for us to find ourselves & for putting yourself out there. "

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becca haugen, twelve ten photo

" I felt free to be myself and made some amazing friendships along the way. I am so incredibly proud that I showed up for myself and I am so incredibly proud of these Women, for doing the same. And I am proud that we keep doing so! There is room for all of us and it is so much more fun to raise each other up and grow together! "

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steph busenbark,
woods + waters project

"I walked away from camp with a fire burning inside that eventually led to me leaving corporate to live out my dream of owning a business. Emma and her team provided a retreat far more than I could have hoped for. Camp Climb provided me with the personal development and knowledge I was craving, but what I didn’t expect was a change in my heart that has opened me up to friendships and connections I’ll cherish for a lifetime!"

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angie knakmus, help from here

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