A compassionate community for connection and collaboration with other women answering
their call to consciously climb.

A compassionate community for connection and collaboration with other women answering their call to consciously climb.

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Camp Climb encourages you to slow down, ground in your being and answer to your calling. We bring like-minded women together in a supportive and uplifting environment and offer the safe space needed to live a life in alignment. No matter where you are on your professional or personal journey, you belong here with us.

Founded on a longing for community

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Camp Climb originated from the desire to connect with like-minded women. What started out as an annual summer camp has evolved into fellowship year-round that supports those desiring to tap deeper into their purpose. In our community, we hold our members at a higher perspective as they market their genius and continuously climb higher.

This journey is not intended to be navigated alone. We have created a magnetic culture here that supports connection and collaboration, linking arms with other women that grant you permission to fully express yourself. Supporting you as you desire to live more consciously, we have created these aligned offerings: the Feminine Fellowship, one of a kind group coaching and in-person intimate intensives.

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 "I keep referencing the feeling I had after I left Camp. It was such a beautiful experience & I felt the most connected to myself that I have since I was a little girl....
In short, THANK YOU for this beautiful, safe place for us to find ourselves & for putting yourself out there. "

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becca haugen, twelve ten photo

This Camp Climb Mastermind surpassed any expectation I had of a group coaching program. Emma confidently lead us into a state where we worked through personal barriers, tapped into our strengths/inner voice, and learned how to cultivate a life around them. This mastermind seamlessly targeted my business + personal goals to create a beautiful roadmap for the future!” 

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2020 3-Month Mastermind

○ “Being a part of this Mastermind changed my life. Emma so carefully and intentionally crafted everything with impact-driven women in mind, and she is one heck of a powerful leader. I discovered so much about myself and really dug deep, probably for the first time in my life. Our group was such a safe and incredible space for all of the women to grow while feeling supported, loved, seen, and heard. This Mastermind gave me so many tools to carry with me throughout my life as an entrepreneur and as a woman in general. I cannot be more thankful that I said yes to this opportunity.” 

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2020 3-Month Mastermind

Camp Climb had been calling my name since August and I had been resisting. Resisting sisterhood, resisting surrender. The idea of traveling outside of the country with a bunch of women that I didn’t know was terrifying to me. Yet somehow I knew I was supposed to be there. So I said yes and I am so glad I did.

The resort was absolutely amazing, the food was fantastic and very vegan friendly. The beach was heavenly. But even better than that, I was in the jungle of Costa Rica with amazing women who allowed me to feel fully seen. Emma, Morgan and all of the leaders truly created an experience that I will never forget. Facing my fear of female connection and being welcomed into a community like Camp Climb has been one of the highlights of my year. I am so appreciative for this opportunity for heart centered expansion.

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celeste rose
2020 intimate intensive

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