How Nature Healed Me

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A few years back, I hit a major rut. On the outside, I looked like a “go-getter,” full of energy as I managed owning two stores, bouncing between vintage markets, and being newly married with two small children and another one on the way.  Internally, though, my mental health was slipping. I was burnt out, high strung and suffering with overwhelming anxiety that also effected me physically. Something had to change. This was right around the time we were planning our move to the farmhouse where we live now and while the move was part of a larger plan to be closer to friends and family and provide the environment we want to raise our family in, I was not expecting the profound impact that being in the country and closer to nature would have in my life!
Something about getting outside has always helped me find my equilibrium and strengthen the bond I have with my innermost self. Even though life didn’t really slow down much, moving to the farm was an escape from the city buzz, and provided a peace and calm where I could sit into the stillness, with no judgment and no pressure to re-identify my goals and what I was going to pursue with my life. The almost instant relief I experienced left me recharged and on a path of self discovery and mental wellness that continues today. This is absolutely why one of the characteristic features of Camp Climb is spending time in nature.

One of the amazing connections I’ve made with other entrepreneurs through Camp Climb is Kerri Mackenzie, who runs a niche service centering on mindfulness and unifying with nature. Recently, Kerri introduced me to the term “forest bathing” and I was completely blown away! The concept comes from a Japanese tradition called shinrin yoku and recent scientific studies suggesting positive benefits (like reduced stress, improved mood, increased energy and lower blood pressure) have caught the attention of people across the globe. I was so excited to learn more about this technique as it’s something I’d already been passionate about—I just didn’t know this belief I’d come to on my own was already a defined  practice!
This year, we are so lucky to have Kerri joining us at this year’s Camp Climb in August, where she will be a valuable resource while campers commune with nature. To learn more about Kerri and forest bathing, click here!

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