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The days until Camp Climb Summer Camp are counting down quickly, which means NOW is the time to register!


For some of our new followers, you may be unsure about which “track” (Base, Tent or Peak) is the best fit for you, so we’re here to help break it down for you. Remember: We are an inclusive, accepting and uplifting community, regardless of who you are or what’s in your history. No matter where you are on your creative journey, you belong here with us!



Base Campers are those of us who are eager to explore their personal and creative potential. They are in the beginning stages of developing their creative goals and may be feeling overwhelmed by “entrepreneurship.” (Trust me, I know that feeling all too well!) Whether you are full of ideas—or committed to one big dream—the Base Track at Summer Camp will help you identify your natural strengths and strategize how to bring your vision into the living, breathing world. In addition, Campers will form tight knit bonds with their fellow track members that will help motivate, inspire, and keep each other accountable to their goals long after the weekend comes to a close.


While some Base Campers may have a basic business structure, website, or a strong social media following, it’s important to note that Base Campers absolutely DO NOT need to already have a business or specifically designed business goal.


Camp Climb’s Summer Camp experience is unique not only because of the camaraderie that grows within the Base Track, but also because of the introductions that are made to members of other tracks. Tips and tricks are often shared in these conversations that help Base Campers better tailor their designs and navigate around avoidable obstacles. In return, Base Campers also have the opportunity to inspire and motivate the other campers. So often, people who are in a “brainstorming” phase or who have opened their minds to any and all possibilities (which is precisely where so many Base Campers find themselves), help spark confidence and re-energize members of our Tent and Peak tracks.
Our sisterhood is truly magical!



Ok. So you’ve rolled out your business plan and have been working like crazy to give your dreams wings and you need support! You are desperate for someone to be at the other end when you radio “Mayday!” Maybe your launch wasn’t bold enough and you need to build the confidence to take a bigger risk or maybe you are bogged down by your current work/life balance because you are wearing too many hats. Some Tent Campers may feel they are going strong, but still lacking revenue or a following. Or maybe you are tired and feeling creatively stagnant….Camp Climb is here to answer your call!


Summer Camp helps re-center your goals, and encourages you to stretch and expand or adjust your plan of attack. You’ll be in the compassionate company of other positive innovators, like you, to vent, troubleshoot, collaborate and propel yourself forward. You’ll also meet Campers from other tracks that will help remind you where you’ve come from, where you can go, and the value you already provide.
Forcing yourself out of your routine, embracing the present and giving your creativity the space to play away from the work slog will do wonders for your spirit and your business!



Summer Camp is an opportunity for Peak Campers to sit into success and evaluate themselves and their plotted course. The weekend will celebrate your accomplishments and root you in the present while also keeping in mind that sometimes “success” does not equal fulfillment. Maybe you are ready to embark on a new endeavor or take on a greater challenge than you have before (a great reason to connect with a Base Camper and reacquaint yourself with the bold steps of your past). Maybe you want to simplify and streamline what you’re already doing (and bounce ideas off of Tent Campers while offering them solutions you’ve found along your path). Or maybe you want to take a breath from your daily workload, promote your business and strategies, connect with new partners and explore how to tap into different revenue streams. Camp Climb Summer Camp is the place where you can do it all!  


Regardless of which track is best suited for you, registration is filling up fast! If you recognized yourself in any of these tracks, then your needs are knocking! Don’t ignore that inner voice. Open your door and welcome your dreams by SIGNING UP NOW! 

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