Shake off those Jitters: Pre-Camp Workout

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It’s hard to believe that we’re down to the final days before Summer Camp 2019! Today is the last day to buy a Day Pass before we turn all our concentration and energy into preparing for the fabulous Camp Climb weekend we’ve all been waiting for! All the excitement, though, can distract you from any underlying—and less enthusiastic—feelings you may be feeling. As we look ahead to Camp, it’s very important that we all take a moment to pause and check in with ourselves in order to prepare for the experience ahead. Nervous? Uncomfortable? Feeling Doubt? Tension? Frenzy?  Trust us, you’re not alone. To help get you in the right frame of mind, we’d like to share a few reminders and practices for you to incorporate into your routine this week.
Consider it your pre-camp workout!
  1. Give yourself PERMISSION
One of the mind shifts we’re constantly working on is allowing ourselves to go after our dreams. Telling ourselves that not only is it “okay” to put ourselves first sometimes, it’s important! Reject any doubt or guilt you have about taking a weekend to invest in yourself and reframe those thoughts to banish the negative energy. By coming to Camp, you are taking a vital step toward your future success. You are launching further along a path of personal and professional growth and you are surrounding yourself with a community full of resources and likeminded peers to encourage and support you. Allow yourself not just to be here, but to be present here so you are ready and able to fully seize every opportunity waiting for you at Summer Camp.
  1. Accept yourself for who—and how—you are today, and show up unapologetically
Nit-picky insecurities and anxious self doubt. We all struggle with placing unrealistic or unloving expectations on ourselves, but they are absolutely NOT PERMITTED at Camp! Show up just as you are—nothing more, nothing less—and know that you are already a perfect fit for this community. (Yes, even with that adult acne and without a website or feeling stuck in your jean shorts and your stagnant business plan…lol) Self love is a big part of Camp Climb and it’s totally necessary in order to create the safe, accepting and openly creative atmosphere that we thrive on. So bring yourself peace in the present moment, recognize your value and talents, and arrive your best self. Remember, we’re all coming to Camp new, so we’ll all be in the same boat feeling nervous and awkward at first. Take comfort knowing that every woman at Camp is looking for powerful connections, just like you!
  1. Begin healthier habits to set you up for success
This week leading up to Camp, really focus on practicing self care, meditation and incorporating healthier habits into your routine to help energize and bring you into a mental state of clarity. Food is power, so eat nutritious, enriching foods and steer away from the fatty, sugary foods that leave you feeling lethargic and unnourished. Get outside and let your mind wander. Take a walk, go for a jog or fit in a yoga session each day. Take deep belly breaths and listen to what your body needs. Spending the days leading up to Camp setting a healthy routine will set you up for major growth during our weekend together.
  1. Act on your intuition
Another area to really concentrate on this week is acting on any initial instincts that pop up throughout your day. For example, if you feel the urge to go on a run, get in those sneakers and out the door before you validate all the reasons not to go. Give energy to your intuition and focus on turning it into action—this way you’ll learn to automatically seize opportunities as they come. And get ready to put this practice to use a LOT during Summer Camp. Don’t let anything come in between you and making an introduction you’re desiring or from joining a conversation that sounds interesting. And if you catch yourself hesitating, power through! Stay in the habit of trusting your intuition and leading yourself toward the future you want.
See you next Friday!!!

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