4 Ways To Come Down From Camp High

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Summer Camp 2019 was PHENOMENAL. The love, support and passion you all brought coupled with the creative energy pinging in the air is like a giant wave that’s carried through the entire last week and into this week.
Coming down from the Summer Camp high does not have to be a calamity! Let’s not forget all the great resources and connections we all just nurtured. NOW, especially, is a key time to tap into this community and its strengths to keep the momentum going as we all transition back to the “real world.”
4 habits worth instilling this week:
Practice Gratitude As the high energy from Camp dissipates, fight off any feelings of “let down” by spending 5 or 10 minutes focusing on the things that you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. Do this right away in the morning or before bed—or both!— to help ground yourself. The reality is, you’ve got a lot of good going on!
Go Outside Remember the power of nature and how vital it is to make a priority. Even if you can’t completely immerse yourself in a natural setting, still make a point to observe nature in some way each day. Take big, belly breaths, go for a walk, meditate or exercise. Do not deny yourself this benefit!
Write it Down Take a moment this week to write a note to yourself. Jot down what inspired you at Camp and where you intend to be in one year’s time. Be bold and firm with some “I AM” and “I WILL” statements in this letter! Remind yourself of what you’ve learned, include any affirmations that are so “you,” and offer the encouragements you know you’ll need along the way. Seal up this note, date it for six months ahead from now and put it someplace you see everyday. When that six month date rolls around, open your letter and read it back to yourself. Draw from the original passions and intentions in your letter to build on the experience you’ll have gained in that six month period.
In addition to this note, get your daily plans in writing, too. Whether you journal (so powerful!), make lists, or fill in a day planner, put your strategies down on paper and bring everything back to YOU. Whatever you put on the page and the tasks you set out should be in alignment with you and your goals.
And finally, REACH OUT! You are definitely not the only one feeling a buzz kill. Lean on each other to keep the momentum going and growing. Check in with us on social media and check up on your sister connections. Feeling down or off is totally normal—we all go through anxious and trying times. If you find yourself in a slump now, or at any point in the future, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your Camp Climb community is here for you and we want to see you succeed!
PS- your friendly reminder, weekend campers, to send out those postcards that you received at our Friday night dinner! “Thinking of you” snail mail is just as good of a feeling to receive as it is to send!

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