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Thanksgiving is here, turkeys, and Camp Climb has SO MUCH to be thankful for this year. The connection and community that this brand has built has created amazing momentum and new opportunities for our reach and impact. We’ve introduced Intimate Intensives, Masterminds, Morning Meetups, created a Personal Development Workbook and met incredible entrepreneurs and talented, driven women who’ve established themselves within the identity of Camp Climb. All of this has spun off from our ever-growing and ever extraordinary Summer Camp, which started as a tiny little seed of an idea and has now taken root. Hallelujah!
Of course, none of this would have happened without YOU: the Camp Climb community. To show thanks, CC is thrilled to focus on GIVING to those we owe our thanks to this year, and the THANKSGIVEAWAY PACKAGE we’ve created is stuffed full of goodies! From those watching yet from behind the pines to our valued loyalists to this organization, all are invited with open arms to submit to win!

photo credit: Iron & Lace Photo

Teaming up with the intrepid Wander Design Co., the intentional Iron and Lace Photography, and the spectacular platform ShowIt, Camp Climb has pulled together an exceptional offer for brands and businesses to attract their ideal audience, boost momentum and reinforce their unique trademark. This collaborative bundle includes:
1. ShowIt website with one entire year for FREE
2. Professional website design by Wander Design Co.
3. Professional photograph session with Iron and Lace Photography
4. Brand strategizing and social media mentoring with Camp Climb
Such a great giveaway!!! Now for the details:
+ This offer is open to anyone! Registration to win will begin on Sunday, November 24th and remain open until Tuesday, November 26th. We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, November 27th. Access to apply for the giveaway will be available on our social media platforms as well as our website. CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN!
+ Using the ShowIt website generator, Wander Design Co. founder and designer, Mariah Danielsen, will custom design up to 10 pages on a site, or provide set up of a theme, or (if applicable) offer redesign for existing brands already utilizing the ShowIt platform.
+ Winner will receive a one year complimentary subscription to ShowIt for hosting the website.
+ To help ensure successful branding vision is showcased on the site, Iron and Lace Photograhy’s photographer, Maggie, will help provide consistent and compatible images to incorporate onto the site. If the winner local to eastern Iowa, Maggie will offer a one-hour photoshoot for headshots and brand encompassing visuals. Winner will receive 15 print and web release images. If scheduling conflicts occur or winner is not locally available for an in-person session, Maggie will offer a flat lay branding session including 15 images with items, style, and color palette to represent the brand after vision consultation. Both print and web release images will be provided.
+ To tie it all together, Camp Climb will provide the winner with a 2 hour strategy call with founder Emma Hicks and Social Media consultant Delaney Spaid to discuss big picture and long term goals, and how to tailor a social media approach to those aspirations.
Just think of the year this winner will be set up to have in 2020! We can’t wait to see what the world will be given from the hard work and passion of our community!

photo credit: Iron & Lace Photo


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