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**We are no longer accepting applications** Thank you!

Camp Climb is hiring! We hiring a Community Builder Assistant at Camp Climb- an organization devoted to bridging the gap with like minded creatives from online to in-real-life through retreats, camp, intensives & masterminds.  We are looking for a remote contractor (preferably based in the US or Canada) to support with admin and event planning tasks starting at 15-20 hours a month and 20-25 USD per hour. 

We are looking for a contracted, virtual Community Builder Assistant, in the US or Canada:

This is someone who can complete the following tasks: 

–Inbox Management: You love G-Suite and can manage and organize up to two inboxes (see more information below). You can hop in at least every other day M-F to keep the inbox tidy and respond to certain inquiries. 

– Manage PR and Podcast interview requests via email: You can take guidelines and ask screening questions to different PR and podcast requests. You can really be the brain and get any needed information and decide based on company guidelines on whether or not to schedule an interview. You are the gatekeeper and the scheduler. You can write professionally and cordially on behalf of the company to these inquiries. This is something that you can own. 

– Calendar Management: You are comfortable working in google calendar and can schedule appointments, podcast interviews, etc. You are mindful about which times/days of the weeks are off-limits for scheduling (which will be included in your onboarding materials). You are also the point person if anyone needs to reschedule as well as responsible for setting up any appointment reminders. You are the CEOs appointment gatekeeper. 

– Event Planning: Write out itineraries for event participants, correspond with attendees and correspond with vendors.

– Booking travel accommodations: CBA books flight and housing accommodations for travel. 

– Assist with project management: CBA supports with project management. These tasks could range from assisting executing live events or online launches. You can ask for what you need in a timely manner and stick to deadlines. 

– Receipt management and organization: Once receipts are scanned, CBA organizes them.

– CBA updates documented Standard Operating Procedures using videos linked into pre-existing google documents with any written rationale edits necessary. 

–Other miscellaneous tasks: CBA can take on other delegated tasks if needed. You know how to ask for what information you need as well as research any needed information. 

–Available for bi-weekly virtual meetings. 

– CBA is open to assisting with basic marketing tasks like uploading content onto word press, Flo Desk (email marketing software) (with appropriate training and SOPs)

– CBA creates invoices and contracts as needed in Honeybook. 

– CBA can do basic account management for long term engagements like masterminds. 

–CBA can assist with booking event speakers. 


  • Honeybook (or can learn quickly)
  • WordPress (just for uploading blog content- or can learn it quickly)
  • Flo Desk (email marketing software- or can learn it quickly)
  • Google drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar

If you are saying yes to the following, this could be you!

  • You live in the US or Canada 
  • You can start with 10 hours a month (this has room to grow!)
  • You are all about taking INITIATIVE! You are what they call a “self-starter”! 
  • You like to be online at least every other day Monday through Friday
  • You are obsessed with tidying email inboxes
  • You like a good google spreadsheet 
  • You are comfortable making decisions with the appropriate training and access to standard operating procedures
  • You can write professionally with proper capitalization and grammar in emails
  • You can write friendly and professional emails 
  • You can write according to brand guidelines (with lots of enthusiasm and exclamation points!!) 
  • You love schedules and being on time and you can stick to your timelines/deadlines
  • You are a critical thinker and love to problem solve before asking for help
  • Google calendar is your best friend
  • You are available for bi-weekly team meetings and can be on slack at least every other day M-F 
  • While you may not know everything, you pride yourself on being a quick learner!
  • You love working freelance and are excited to be part of a team! You are a team player and excited for some collaboration! 
  • You consider yourself an optimist 🙂 
  • You do what you’re say you’re going to do- you’re all about the follow through! 

To apply: 

The Application Window has closed.


We are accepting initial applications from now until Thursday January 16th, 5 PM Central Standard Time. 

You will be notified shortly thereafter if you have been chosen to move forward into the interview process. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying, and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We will interview the top candidates in February. If chosen, you’re available to do a video call interview and provide references. 

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