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Pause and deep breathe for 90 seconds. 

Did you know that stress attacks our nervous system? This is a simple tool you can use to support yourself instead of ignore yourself. A simple tool to share with others too!

These days, we are all battling our own emotions – and it can be hard. Feelings of helplessness and overwhelm, going from a constant GO GO GO to being quarantined – forced to sit with ourselves… the human mind can panic in moments like this.

As unsettling and uncomfortable as this situation may be, it also gives us an INCREDIBLE and unique opportunity to surrender control and connect with each other on a deeper level! 

And deep down, we all crave depth. 

Sometimes it takes facing adversity to see more into what’s right in front of us: community. 

At the beginning of 2020, we were hearing positiveness all around. People were excited about a change. A new decade. A new year.  2020 has already challenged us with more in the past 3.5 months than it has in the whole of 2019, but what if this was the Universe’s way of calling us all to an awakening? To innovate. To become resourceful. To allow our inner guide to lead us!

Necessity is forcing us to invent ourselves, our businesses, our families, our everyday lives. We as women have divine intuition. Now is our chance to listen to and act on those whispers. This will be a transformation of our own lives. Of everyone’s lives.

We know that growth lies in the uncomfortable. Let’s embrace it and be conscious. Conscious of our thoughts, conscious of our well-being, conscious of the energy of our loved ones, conscious of our surroundings.

It’s incredibly upsetting what’s happening to us AND we need to be of service to others right now.

Does that statement feel like a lot to you? Did it make you short of breath? Did it strike a nerve?

This is where Camp Climb community steps in, allowing you safe space to show up AS you are and helping you to navigate the unknown.

This time is opening us up to limitless possibilities, new beginnings and connections.

We are all in this, together.

Because community counts more than EVER in these times, I’d like to invite you to a FREE mastermind I am running for five consecutive days starting this Monday, March 23rd!

Who is it for: ANY woman (for all ages 18+)

When is it: Monday March 23rd – Friday March 27th || 8:00-10:00 AM Central Standard on ZOOM

What is it about: Creating a safe space to let guards down and accept our current situation, forecasting our future with more meaningful intention. Choosing to see the possibility amidst problematic times.

What can I expect: To feel more confident with the direction you head as an impact driven woman and a deeper connection with yourself, your higher power & others. Let’s pull out more possibility from you that feels good & leaves a lasting impression! 


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