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A workbook brought to life because I felt lost in how to continue moving forward…. I didn’t know how to navigate any further in my climb. Can you relate?

I want to travel back in time with you.

20 months ago. 

Camp Climb – our inaugural Summer campout in August of 2018.  This whole vision sprouted from a deep desire in creating safe space to gather out of a longing for deeper connection with like minded, passionate women. We came together in a camp setting for a weekend to be inspired by Keynote speaker Jenna Kutcher, releasing our inner child & unplugging in nature’s setting.  It was truly a weekend of a lifetime that still leaves me and many others speechless. 

I was NOT equipped in coming down from this incredible high. I didn’t carve a “come down” out in the calendar. I was blinded to the fact that this weekend was worthy of celebrating, immediately putting the pressure on myself to step into “what’s next.”

I tried to keep the momentum going. I poured energy into what fostering virtual community could look like (until we’d meet again in person), slipped into a rabbit hole of consuming all the buzz being created and CRASHED.

I slipped into a mild depression and sat in the darkness (the times we are sitting in right now remind me of this post-camp crash). I eventually “woke up” after a solid month and decided to crawl myself out of this hole. I knew I had to operate differently everywhere in my life. Six years and counting, time management was my constant New Years Resolution. I was FED UP with myself (I remember this SO clearly! Such a pivotal moment). As I started to reflect, I admitted to myself that my entire adulthood felt like a big blur. I felt like I was constantly PROVING myself and I was TIRED. 


I committed to writing down every single thing I did in my day for 21 days (like a food log, but this was a life log). I brought this workbook with me everywhere and really started to draw awareness to the present moment and how I was spending my time. After a few days of observing I was already seeing powerful shifts! I began cutting down my screen time, respecting my boundaries and feeling more connected with myself and family. I was able to clearly see what made my skin crawl and shed new light on those parts in order to transform old patterns and ways of operating, blossoming into new ways of approaching life. 

During COVID-19 I’ve been called back to this same process so I can more deeply understand myself, find a new balance in my days with children home & continue to survive so that I may further thrive and feel balanced emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually (personal desires, always!). 

I’ve had this exact process I took created into a workbook that is visually user friendly and purposefully flows (Thank you Wander Design Co!). We have tweaked, revised & added to it NO LESS than 65 times – no joke. The final tweak was an aha moment and the final missing piece, making this a “hell yes” offering! The light bulb came on to make this a 28 day log book (VS 21 days), so you can understand yourself as a women better and also draw correlations to how connected you are to the moon’s and your menstrual cycle. I am so thankful for this workbook and how it brought me back home to myself. I am confident that it will do the same for you!



+ HOW to’s & examples of how to log your days

+ Moon Tracker

+ Period Tracker

+ Guided Future Planning Tools

+ Worksheets to prep you for logging your days

+ Worksheets to support your future vision casting

+ 4 Weeks of Logging

+ Weekly summary worksheets

+ Customizable Daily Tracking Tool

+ Supportive Resources


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