5 Reasons To Retreat

Five Reasons to Attend a Business Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Community

Raise your hand if you’re a female entrepreneur who has ever experienced loneliness, felt disconnected, or even felt isolated. What about feeling like you just don’t belong, like no one understands? My hand is waving high. That’s a big hell-yea to all of the above.

Many of us work from our homes, or work with remote teams. It’s so easy to let face-to-face time slip by us if we don’t intentionally make it a priority. It’s also difficult for family and friends to truly understand what it is that we DO. They lovingly ask questions, but it’s hard to truly understand if you’re not an entrepreneur, too.

Surround ourselves with like-minded supporters in person. A business retreat for female entrepreneurs provides instant community. All the attendees are like-minded in that they are female entrepreneurs, but they have all different types of businesses and backgrounds. It’s the perfect mix of support and diverse perspective. These types of retreats average three or four days. Think of it as a high-dose, IV-infusion of all the face to face time, connection, and collaboration you’ve been
missing out on!

  • Inspiration

Feeling burnt out? Lacking motivation? Lost your creativity and feeling totally uninspired? Sometimes we need to listen to another person’s story to find the energy to move our own story forward. When we hear how someone else experienced the same kind of rut as us, and what they did to dig themselves out, and how they pushed themselves forward… it reminds us, that we can do this thing, too. Business retreats always have a keynote speaker (or several, depending on the event). These speakers are hand-picked and tailored to bring inspiration to the audience. Think Jenna Kutcher or Brene Brown. These women deliver the kind of inspiration you can feel. When you listen to them speak, it lights up your brain, sends chills down your spine, and sends goosebumps all over. This is the stuff you can use to fuel your motivation!

  • Personal Growth

Before we can work on our business, its important to do the inner work on ourselves. Many business retreats include personal growth and exploration sessions. These sessions help us to reconnect and rediscover who we are at our core. What is our true identity when we strip away the expectations of others?
When we understand our personal values, we give ourselves power and confidence. When we love and accept ourselves exactly as we are, we are able to gracefully glide through obstacles. We are able to create a future vision that is in alignment and harmony with our true selves. Taking part in personal growth sessions is, arguably, MORE important than any of the core business sessions at a retreat.

  • Business Growth

Business retreats will most often focus on one or two main business topics. Try to decide what you’re looking to gain from the retreat before choosing. Some focus on marketing, social media, and branding.

Some focus on business strategies for growth. Many retreats are narrowed in on a specific niche like bloggers, photographers, mothers, brand new entrepreneurs or experienced entrepreneurs. Whatever the topics, the retreat host will curate speakers, panelists, or workshop facilitators who will drop some knowledge. Learning from an expert in person is so much more effective than taking an online course or DIY. During the session you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and have conversation to make sure you’re understanding the topic. Many retreats offer implementation time so you can actually put your new knowledge into practice with a mentor standing by. This type of attention is simply irreplaceable.

  • Relaxation

Last, but certainly not least, business retreats allow you to relax! Yes, we’re talking about actual rest ladies. It’s so important to let your mind have some down-time. Giving your soul and brain white space will allow that creativity to flow. Retreats offer all types of relaxation. Maybe you relax best when hiking or being out in nature or riding some river rapids. Maybe you like to sit at a pool or the beach. Maybe yoga and guided meditation classes are your thing. Whatever activity brings you peace, there’s a business retreat out there offering it!

Camp Climb is a business retreat for creative female entrepreneurs. This retreat offers a perfect mix of all FIVE components listed above. After getting to know the host over the past several months, I highly recommend checking out this event! A few weekend spots still remain!
Check out Camp Climb today. Then, check the (over 100) listings at Founder in Real Life for another in- person event that speaks to you!


Written with passion by:

Krystle Stevenson

Creator of Founders In Real Life

Author: campclimb