5 Tips: Encouraging Sustainable Travel

Spring fever setting in and have the itch to book a trip? Mindful tips for your next adventure!

1: Leave no trace. This is big, especially when camping and hiking. What you bring in, you pack out. This is everything, no exceptions.

2: Skip the single-use plastic. This one gets difficult when you are trying to find ways to lighten your load, but investing in a reusable water bottle is great for hiking and suitable too for everyday life.

3: Buy carbon offsets when you fly. Carbon offsets are an additional fee that goes towards different programs like planting trees or reducing carbon emissions in a different way. The goal is to offset the damage done by the flight. Another option to add to any adventure: transport by train!

4: Carpool or use your bike.  Quad Cities, take advantage of the new Alt States Travel Tour Van! They put the customer first and bring awareness to off the beaten path businesses and attractions here in America’s Heartland. Bicycles too are another environmentally and healthy form of transportation. Many cities have bike share programs if you aren’t able to bring your own. Click here if you want to explore Madison WI and hop on a bike, riding their beautifully paved lakefront bike paths!

5: Shop Local! Although we should strive to do this in our everyday lives too, a lot of businesses depend on you spending your money with them instead of your typical chains. When I was a kid we always tried to stop at a place we had never eaten before on our trip to our destination. This way we got to try new things! It benefited not only us but a ton of “mom and pop” restaurants along our route.


Josie Mumm is the owner and creative force behind The Roaming Freelancer, where she provides location-independent writing and photography services for businesses. She is passionate about being outdoors, teaching herself code, and paying in exact change.

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Author: campclimb