As indicated by our name, Camp Climb is the host of Summer Camp, an annual weekend retreat in the heart of the Midwest designed to push you out of your comfort zone and hone in on your inner dreams and professional desires.

With a schedule of super-curated speakers, mentored group sessions, and the unique opportunity to disconnect from technology and outward responsibilities while being surrounded by nature, Campers are able to unwind and sit into the present so they may both center the self and foster supportive, deep, creative relationships. The weekend is also packed with fun activities, such as a night time pool party, canoeing, and lots of bonfires to help reconnect with your inner child and give you the chance to relax and play. 

In addition to our main event, we also hold Intimate Intensives throughout the year to focus on branding, rebranding or helping identify your true talents and the abilities you have to offer. Our Intimate Intensives are quick getaways that are designed to reignite your passion and purpose and recharge your batteries with a group of like-minded creatives to help get back on, or stay on, your path to success. 

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our intuition is undeniable.

We climb because

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our passion gives us our purpose.

We climb because

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our dreams even before the top is in sight.

We climb after

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the definitive voice inside that answers the call to climb. 

we climb for

I’ve always been a rule breaker. Testing limits, pushing boundaries, challenging any authority that told me things had to be done at certain time or in a certain manner, because I’ve always believed the world is full of limitless potential. While going my own way has never been easy, it has always been best for me. Letting my creativity lead, my ambition followed and as a result, opportunities opened. Of all the irons I’ve had in the fire, though, I forged the Camp Climb brand out of absolute necessity. 

After years of combining my entrepreneurial talents, style and design instincts and event planning skills, I found myself craving connection. I was lonely and tired of competition: I wanted community. I started seeking out groups and gatherings that centered on support and empowerment and encouraging one another’s goals. I was looking for accountability partners to help keep me motivated and to brainstorm ideas with, people who were open about their struggles and who shared resources for inspiration and growth. While I was actively networking both online and in real life at the vintage markets I was visiting, I couldn’t seem to find the consistency or depth of interaction that I was after.

Cue my love of driving around and exploring! I happened upon Camp Liberty one day, a Girl Scout Camp near my home that I’d been meaning to check out, and immediately everything just clicked. I felt so drawn to the grounds and could feel such a strong sense of partnership and I knew that there were others out there like me who were needing the same type of companionship. All I had to do was create it! 

After years of dreaming of what could be, asking questions and sharing my intentions with anyone and everyone, being authentic and continually showing up even when my goal seemed unlikely, my circle took form and Camp Climb became a reality. Last year we hosted our first Summer Camp and already we’re expanding our programs to include smaller scale weekend retreats throughout the year with our Intimate Intensive and Mastermind Course offerings. I’m so excited for all that Camp Climb has in store and can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or for more information about Camp Climb or how you can join the incredible group of talented female creatives that Camp Climb has brought together. I would be delighted to welcome you into the Camp Climb Community. 

With utmost gratitude,

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Emma Hicks

Emma Hicks is the founder and brand manager of Camp Climb, and previous organizer and host of The Iowa Gathering. She also owned and operated Stew’s, a vintage storefront in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for four years before she and her husband, Spencer, returned to eastern Iowa, where they were both raised. Switching gears from small city to life on their rural hobby farm, Emma began a lifestyle blog called Main + Second, which led to the taping of an HGTV pilot show. Though the pilot did not get picked up by the network, the experience helped her reevaluate her personal and professional goals and she’s been on a path of self-discovery and personal wellbeing ever since.

Emma has always been passionate about pursuing her creativity and individuality and loves event planning and design. She is resourceful, hardworking and committed to family and community, which are values she instills in her three children. When she is not busy developing Camp Climb programs and social media outreach, Emma enjoys spending time and being present with her kids and being outdoors, surrounded by nature as often as possible. You can find her taking meandering road trips on the backroads, amateur gardening, or savoring a beer while soaking in a relaxing bath with whatever concoction of natural herbs and essential oils she has on hand.


emma hicks

founder + brand manager

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