CLIMB Representing Our Younger Generation!

C L I M B started representing MUCH more when Emma really soaked her brain around this simple word. Her season of life as a mama to three very dear children was what made her mind drift off to our younger generation. She is here to shine the light on raising a confident kid by encouraging her own to keep “climbing.”

Her tidbit of advice (no expert here; Just speaking from the gut!): when they fall, encourage them to keep falling forward; to get back up and try again. The best way to learn is from our own mistakes. That is rightfully so for people of ALL ages too! Acknowledge their fears and help them face those and conquer together. Not only are you instilling your trust in them, but they are experiencing a tremendous amount of personal growth through this strategy! The best way to learn is from our own mistakes. The younger we start learning, the more prepared we will be for a bright future ahead!

Our identity and purpose are ever changing. What gets us up the mountain is our determination which is driven by passion. Push through the fear and keep growing.

A small selection of Camp Climb children’s apparel has launched on the camp store. Check it out for yourself! Let that simple word CLIMB be a reminder that failure is ok, fear is a criminal, and light shines BRIGHT on the other side of that mountain!

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