Dear Map-less Mama

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about expectations: both about motherhood and building a brand. Are my intentions aligned with my actions? Is my priority of being a great mom in conflict with my dedication to my business goals (and vice versa)? Am I striking the necessary balance to be effective at both?

I was raised by a mother who did it ALL. She took care of my sister and me while also running a successful small town bar and grill, taking NO time for her own self care.

My mom has always been so hard working that, as a child, the long hours and constant responsibilities just seemed normal and natural, as if keeping all the plates spinning wasn’t a near superhuman feat. Looking back, I wonder what she felt at the time. Did she ever have doubts or fight off a sense of inadequacy? Was she ever sick and tired or want to give up? How did she manage it all?

Some of my favorite memories with her happened on Sundays (Sunday was the only day she’d take off). She’d buckle me and my sister into the car and we’d head out for a spontaneous Sunday drive. No map. No plan. Just the thrill of the moment. If we came to an intersection or a T in the road, she’d let us direct her left, right or straight on through. The only rule was that if we made it into any small town with a park, we’d get out and play for 15 minutes. Then we’d jump back in the car and keep on road tripping.

I loved looking out the window, taking in the beautiful countryside and just living in the moment, connecting to ourselves and to each other. It was so simple and fun. There were no expectations; we accepted whatever was waiting for us, wherever we got to.

Flash forward a few years and the simplicity of those Sunday drives seemed to be far back in the distance of my rearview mirror. A few weeks before high school graduation, I got pregnant. And just like my mom, I felt like I had to do everything on my own. The more I internalized that idea, the more it became true. I had never felt so alone.

But, something else unexpected also happened.

As my baby was growing inside me, so was my entrepreneurial spirit. Every day I could feel it getting bigger and stronger and healthier, leaving less and less room for loneliness and doubt and uncertainty. Tapping into my creativity and pursuing my business ideas and interests made me feel more like I was back on another Sunday drive, like any direction I took would get me where I was going.

Today, I’m still exploring and navigating a path toward my goals and I’ve learned so much along the way. Like how much being a mom and building a business are often so very similar. Both take love and energy, endless effort and selfless service. And most importantly, they rely on community. It truly does take a village.

And that’s why I created Camp Climb!

I 100% believe that entrepreneurial success greatly depends upon supportive, creative community. By nurturing and encouraging each other, we can achieve our individual goals as well as build incredible partnerships that lead to outcomes that take us far beyond where we are capable of going alone.

I’m so grateful for the journey my path has taken me on–from teenage pregnancy, to married with three beautiful kids who challenge and inspire me every day. Being a mother has shown me the importance of leading by example and driving my own dreams forward. I can’t wait to see where the road goes!

Wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

Author: campclimb