We Get These Questions Alot...

I bought a ticket to camp but now I can’t make it. Are tickets refundable?

Unfortunately, no. Tickets are non-refundable. However, if you would like to transfer your registration to a friend, you can do that. Contact us at contact@gocampclimb.com to get your transfer started.


Will we actually be camping?

Yes! If you are a base or a tent camper, you will be sleeping in rustic, open-sided, open-air cabins with screen doors and flaps on the sides to keep the weather out. Bring your comfiest bedding to make your cabin cot as comfortable as you wish. These cabins do not have electricity. Restrooms and showers are located a short walk away, and each campsite will have a rustic meeting space with tables and fire ring.


What extra costs should I expect?

Once you get to camp, it’s all inclusive! Your food, lodging and activities are all included in the price of your weekend ticket. Just get yourself here and we’ll take care of the rest! Wanna stock up on camp gear and local maker’s products? Bring some pocket change and shop the camp store!


Are there any discount codes for weekend campers? 

There are no discount codes out there for our weekend registrants. The demand for weekend spots is already there and the value will well surpass what you pay, promised! PEACE OF MIND: Founder Emma Hicks makes sure to go above and beyond when you invest in her brands!


What airport should I fly into?

Chicago O’Hare is an easy 3 hour interstate drive, Moline is your closest airport just 35-40 minutes away, and Cedar Rapids would be another option (1 hour away).


What time should I get into town on Friday?

Check-in will be 11a – 2p Friday. Come when you can during those times and get a tour of camp before the weekend festivities begin!


When will we wrap up on Sunday?

Camp will be done by 12p on Sunday!


I would love to get my product in front of your campers. How can I apply to be a sponsor?

We are currently seeking sponsors for Camp Climb! Contact us at contact@gocampclimb.com and let us know what you’re thinking.


I have no clue what to bring to camp. Help!

We have you covered! If you’re all signed up, we’ll be sending you packing list before camp starts. You will be camping in open air cabins, so comfy clothes, tennis shoes and hair ties will definitely be on the list. Leave your curling iron and heels at home!


I can’t make it to Camp Climb this year. Will you be having another?

While we can’t guarantee there will be another Camp Climb next year, we do love the idea of bringing creatives together in the wilderness so we will definitely try! Get on the mailing list to be the first to get the details. Join here.


Is there an age requirement for camp?

You must be 18 years old to sign up to camp. The average age attending is probably around 27,  although 2018 ages ranged from 18-59! Camp is great for all ages of adults!


How do I know if I’m a creative? Will camp be right for me?

A creative is one who is creative. Whether on a professional level or dabbling in a hobby, we want ALL the creatives! We encourage not only creative entrepreneurs but also creatives working for a firm or other business to join as well! I.E. web developers, interior designers, graphic designers… Stay at home mom? Yep, we want you. We KNOW all too well you are craving a creative outlet and positive community! The people that are pouring in for camp are amazing! Talk about some positive, inspiring women to surround yourself with. Sign up if you are craving growth, my friend. THIS is your answer! If you have other concerns, contact us at contact@gocampclimb.com.