At Camp Climb, we know that forming a tight-knit group of kindred spirits helps make wild dreams come true more quickly and easily than they ever could when going at it alone. That’s why we’ve created the Mastermind Course. 

The Mastermind is a 4-6 month commitment that brings a small circle of creatives together to learn and grow with guided support along the way. The Mastermind kicks off in-person, establishing a face-to-face connection and building trust in one another in a safe place. After kicking things off in-person, we continue to facilitate meet-ups through monthly group video calls, one-on-one calls, email support, and group chat. 

The course will help members looking to break norms and shape goals into attainable timeframes. Utilizing worksheets and assignments, the course will help create business and personal plans, develop ideas, set deadlines, and build authenticity while also providing constructive feedback and sharing tools and resources for each other in a judgment-free, supportive environment. Mastermind members will participate in one-on-one calls with Camp Climb founder, Emma Hicks, and group calls will also feature guest experts and leaders to broaden skill sets and connections. 

The Mastermind wraps up with a final in-person celebration of completion!


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