Spring Cleaning: For Your Business

When Spring makes you want to reorganize your life (yes, it soon will come!), don’t forget that your computer and office space need decluttering too. Whether you work from a home office, a co-working space, or go to a brick and mortar office, staying tidy boosts the mood!

Want to implement REALLY good & rewarding habits this year? I caught you in the perfect moment! Today we dive into February and you have the chance to step up and start treating your business like the big deal it deserves this year. Don’t save this checklist for Spring. Start today! Follow through and mark time off every morning now through end of the year for every first day of the month. If you let this slip until February 2nd, it’s likely to slip until 2020.

Here is a simple checklist of reminders:

  • Computer

Your computer needs cleaned both externally and internally. Grab those wipes and air duster and get after that keyboard! Grab a lens cleaning cloth and wipe that screen clean. Get rid of any spots that have accumulated on the front and around the trackpad or on your mouse. You will feel soooo much better once you have!

As far as internally, we all save those random downloads we get from the internet. I am notorious for this and end up using it as a catch-all space instead of saving the documents where they need to go. Check out your downloads folder and get rid of anything you don’t need. Put anything you want to save in a proper folder. 

Next, take a look at your desktop. Have any files that can be put into a folder, organized, or deleted? Get it done, boss!

Don’t forget your google drive, i-cloud, Dropbox, or whatever online tool you use to access documents. Sometimes things get cluttered and it makes it difficult to find things and prioritize deadlines. Personally, I like to keep stuff organized by folders, then whatever docs I am currently working on I keep on the main screen. Once I get finished with something I put it in its rightful folder. This way I have a sort of to-do list; whenever I look at my google drive I can see exactly what needs to be finished. Do whatever is best for the Season/line of business you are in. 

  • Email

Consider organizing your email.

First, go unsubscribe to junk mail that has been annoying you for far too long.

I like to organize my email with folders and filters.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts about organizing emails:




  • Office Space

Give your office a deep clean. Make sure your space inspires you! Working in a space that inspires you will spark creativity. 

Get rid of the things you no longer need. Maybe it’s a good time to redecorate or cleanse. Make the space completely yours, whether that is super minimal or full of personal mementos. Its whatever works for you! 

Get inspired:

  • Paperwork

I always have a “To Be Filed” pile that never seems to get any smaller. It’s full of bills, receipts I want to keep, paperwork for doctors appointments, etc. I always have the best of intentions to stick it in my file cabinet, but, like the Grinch’s heart, it always ends up growing three sizes. Every month or two I finally sit down and organize everything. I always feel so much better once the paper clutter is out of sight. Don’t let 2019 slip away! Get in the habit of one monthly paperwork day to save yourself of that year end headache!

  • Bags

Clean your bag/tote/backpack out monthly that same day you organize/log your stack of paperwork. There’s bound to be receipts you’ll need and lost business cards that deserve a follow-up.

Check out some of our favorite Camp Climb bags here; Perfect for a weekend away, if you’re a fan of backpacks like myself, or if you love a good crossbody.


Josie Mumm is the owner and creative force behind The Roaming Freelancer, where she provides location-independent writing and photography services for businesses. She is passionate about being outdoors, teaching herself code, and paying in exact change.


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