Story Behind the Name CLIMB

For the first time in her entrepreneurial journey, founder Emma Hicks feels in alignment with it all.

Camp Climb is her passion project. She gets energized and excited about connecting other likeminded souls and forming powerful & positive communities. An advocate for community over competition, camp’s mission and business plan is structured to feed not only her passion but yours too.

FALL 2017: The business plan was pretty well set with the three levels of campers: those without a business but big dreams, those creative entrepreneurs craving growth, and those with a business who have made many pivotal movements and are admired in their field. She began securing speakers and educators having confidence alone in the concept. Thousands of dollars deep in the process and a name still didn’t exist for this retreat!

The word C L I M B came about as she was brainstorming acronyms/words for the retreat. She needed something with lots of meaning and wanted a word that could cover MANY platforms in an entrepreneur’s journey. Countless brain dumps and a few sketch pads later, the light bulb finally flipped on. CLIMB! (envisioning climbing to the top) [[CAMP]] CLIMB!
The acronym created for C L I M B is Creatives: Learning – Inspiring – Motivating – Building.
The bottom of the climb being BASE (those who don’t yet have a creative business but seeking out one), middle being TENT (a comfortable spot in the entrepreneurial journey), and top being PEAK (successful entrepreneurs who have made many pivotal movements).
BASE: build assurance, support eachother
TENT: teach eachother, network together
PEAK: Pivotal, Educated, Admired, Knowledgable

The acronym created for C L I M B is Creatives: Learning – Inspiring – Motivating – Building.
This is what Camp will be all about!

If you checkout the camp store online, everything is curated with the vision in mind to do a little more unplugging & a lot more exploring. Snag the weekender bag & a GET LOST TEE and fly by the seat of your pants for a weekend. You never know who you’ll meet or what you will run into. Perhaps a little less on our devices, some spontaneous behavior and more IRL (in real life) connection will spark more creativity than we ever thought possible!

Our identity and purpose are ever changing. What gets us up the mountain is our determination and facing fears which is driven by passion. Push through the fear, keep growing, and we sure hope to see you at camp soon.

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  • Love the story behind the name! I wholeheartedly believe that this journey is going to be an incredible one for all involved. xoxo

  • Hi! how did I not see this before? Oh I know, Iv’e been a little preoccupied!!!! but DAaaaNG- I SO wish I was there! What an amazing story, and I cant wait to be apart of it! have an Amazing weekend!!!

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