Top Five Personal Growth Tips for 2019

1. Be Here

Meditate or find your own ways to practice mindfulness and celebrate the present. It’s the foundation of personal growth. If our minds are cluttered, anxious, foggy, and scattered, then none of the other personal growth efforts will really matter.

I love this excerpt from an article in Psychology Today,

“There is a sense of underlying contentment and unshakable confidence which enables us to be happy and engaged in whatever we’re doing. And that’s when we become curious, interested, productive and efficient human beings, right? It’s not about how we apply the next 10 step plan to success, but instead how we relate to the here and now. The future grows out of the present, so it’s to the present that we need to look first.”

Our efforts won’t stick until we are able to comfortably and confidently connect with the present.

2. Read

My three favorite motivational, inspirational, self-help for entrepreneur books are:

  • Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Girl Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis
  • Finish, Jon Acuff

I suggest reading them in the order listed. They are all quick and easy reads. Big Magic will send chills down your spine that will inspire the creativity in you. Girl, Wash Your Face will slap the doubts right out of your soul and set you up for success. Finish, as the title suggests, will teach you to set the right goals and finish strong every time.

3. Connect

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to connect with fellow humans. This applies to all of us, even the introverts (which is me – complete and utter introvert here). The right mix of diverse perspective and like-minded support can do wonders for our souls (read more about that magic here). Connecting with others allows us the opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally.

You could find a free local meet up near you, attend a workshop, or commit to a unique experience like a conference or retreat. Retreats are my favorite because there’s time to learn, time to network, and time to REST, which provides the stillness necessary to really let your new experiences stick.

4. Move

Movement is the goal here. This is not a call to sign up for a Couch to 5K program. If running is your thing, great. Go for it. Running is not my thing. Treadmills are not my thing. Gyms – not my thing. Yoga – sometimes.

Get creative here. I recently started attending adult ballet classes. It takes all of my brain to focus on what I’m doing because it’s so new and foreign to me and my muscle memory. I love the challenge of trying to balance and coordinate my not-super-graceful body. My sister, also not a runner or yogi, is obsessed with boxing! She recently started taking classes and the act of getting her aggression out by punching a bag for 60 minutes is cathartic, and confidence boosting, and keeps her body healthy.

There is no right way to exercise. As Jon says in Finish, you have to make the goal FUN if you want to see it through. Movement is vital to our overall health, so find a way that is fun for you!

5. Eat

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Last year, I stopped eating gluten, dairy, and eggs. I was having a rather difficult pregnancy with my third son and it seemed that my body could no longer tolerate most foods. I felt like garbage, both physically and mentally. After working through some elimination diets, we discovered those three foods were just not agreeing with me anymore. My husband decided to go vegan. He feels like he does well with gluten, and I feel like I need just a little meat in my diet. We discovered that this combination is what feels best for our bodies. 

Some people feel great eating all of the food groups. I truly believe that there’s no one right answer. Generally speaking, it’s good to cut down on processed foods. But the real point here is another form of mindfulness. It’s about paying attention to your body. It’s a bit of an experiment to find what foods serve you best.

Personal growth has no end and no limit. It is a process that continues throughout our lives. Go slow, give yourself grace, experiment, work through each tip one at a time, and, for the best chance of success, find a community to support you through each part of your personal growth journey!


Written with passion by:

Krystle Stevenson

Creator of Founders In Real Life

Author: campclimb