Plogging… What is it?  A funny word? A new dance craze? Maybe, something… dirty???

Well, I am here to tell you all about this amazing new trend.

Plogging = Jogging + plocka upp (Swedish for pick up)

Plogging is literally picking up litter as you jog, and it is a fitness trend we are happy to get behind.

Jogging alone has so many benefits mentally and physically. When you add in picking up trash, you get all the personal benefits and so does the planet!


Mental benefits

There is a whole myriad of mental benefits that come with jogging. Some of my favorites are stress relief, mood boosts (aka “runner’s high”), and self-confidence! Just by jogging, you can get these amazing benefits. Imagine how you would feel coming home from your daily run with a bag full of trash, knowing that you yourself cleaned up the planet. Sounds like a win-win to me!


Physical benefits

We all know the physical benefits of jogging, but picking up trash brings your workout to a whole new level. Since you are constantly stopping + picking up trash (essentially a squat) you get more of a workout!


Environmental benefits

Plogging is ALL about the environment. Even if you don’t litter, it’s a great feeling to pick up trash that you see everyday and WILL inspire others to do the same!


Social benefits

A lot of people like to plog in groups. Check out facebook to find a plogging group in your area.

Another great opportunity for your BUSINESS that is also great for our environment + just as good as plogging: Adopt-A-Highway(AAH)! This is an innovative program developed by the Department of Transportation to increase public awareness of environmental needs along Iowa highways by making sections of roadsides available for “adoption.” This gives the adopting individuals or groups opportunities to improve the appearance of our roadsides.

Everyone knows: saving the planet is more fun with friends.

Plogging can be anything you want it to be. A leisurely jog in a beautiful park, a high-intensity workout, a group activity etc… The only rule is that you recycle or throw out the things that you find. Grab your running shoes and get out there. The planet will thank you!


Josie Mumm is the owner and creative force behind The Roaming Freelancer, where she provides location-independent writing and photography services for businesses. She is passionate about being outdoors, teaching herself code, and paying in exact change.

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Author: campclimb