What to Expect

Expect growth.

A better grasp of work-life balance. Network with like-minded individuals. Self-growth. Gain clarity. Put things into perspective.

The more open-minded you come to camp, the more you will walk away with.

A few hours never cuts it. Tune into who YOU are. Are you being who YOU want to be or who everyone else wants you to be?
Reconnect to the simpler things from simpler times, which we ALL need. Technology has overtaken us. 
Come ready to disconnect and unplug in order to trigger growth in ways you never thought were possible.

Ditch the technology and pack that baseball cap. Leave your fancy shoes at home and be ready for any sort of weather.

This is all part of  G R O W T H, my friends! We have to go outside our comfort zones in order to grow.

“As a living example of slowly pushing myself outside of my comfort zones,
I will tell you first hand, it leads to MAGICAL things!” – Emma Hicks, founder


Connect with others through an experience like no other. Focus on being a 100% authentic version of yourself. We will do opening ceremony exercises to really get zoned in on staying true to ourselves, setting boundaries with our surrounding peers, and gaining trust all at the same time. Trusting yourself that you CAN camp out in the wilderness and gain trust from brand new peers.

EVERYTHING is included in weekend camper price. Food, drink, speakers, activities, lodging, “weekender bag” with free goods from our sponsors. Just find a way to get yourself here!

There will be merchandise available for purchase Saturday afternoon at the lodge.




A-frame open-air rustic cabins (each sleeps 4)

Want to request a bunk-mate? When you sign up, your email confirmation will include a short survey where you can request a sleeping buddy. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Your assigned lodging area will have a total of 8 a-frame cabins, a gathering shelter (½ enclosed, ½ exposed to nature) with picnic tables, and an enclosed building with 3 toilet stalls & sinks. Showers are available at two different locations on camp: the old lodge + the new lodge. Both will be open for your use.

Packing List

Look forward to some happy mail! Weekend campers will receive a packing list delivered to their physical mailbox in the weeks leading up to Camp Climb.




Once you arrive at Camp Climb, your stay is all inclusive! Meals and lodging will be provided to you. You just need to find a way to get here and maybe bring some extra snacks or pocket change for shopping at the Camp Climb mini market.


Unplugging Rules

We urge you to take as many photos on Friday’s guided tour as you can! Once you get settled into your a-frame, we ask that phones remain in your cabin. We will have professional photographers taking plenty of photos that will all be emailed to you for your personal use.

It is important as creatives to find time to disconnect in order to regain focus, clarity, and benefit from this weekend of self-care.

You are welcome to use your phones when back at your site. That being said, there is no electricity at your cabin so bring a backup battery charger if you feel like it’s necessary. Each counselor will have their phone with them, so if an emergency arises there will be a point of contact. 


Connecting with Nature

Camp Climb is being held in the woods, and we know that nature can be intimidating. Embrace the animal noises, darkness, and bugs – they’re all apart of the experience! The sooner you learn to embrace them, the more fun you’ll have at Camp Climb.

Have Questions?

If you have more questions, contact us! Click here to send us a message.


Camp Climb registration will open Friday, October 11th at 10:30AM!
We can’t wait to see you at Camp Climb 2019!