A woman's 28-day reset log for fresh perspective and sustainable structure. Your present moment is the foundation of your future!

This 56-page book is designed to bring you back home to yourself, finding joy in the ordinary which steadily leads to your own extraordinary. Don't underestimate how POWERFUL these times are that we are living in right now! You will have this logbook to reflect back on, and for GENERATIONS to come you will get to share how you spent these moments in history!

foundation for a future you


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Upon completion of this workbook you will:

+ have a strong understanding of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

+ see where to let more joy, love & peace in.

+ be on your way to manifesting your aligned future.

+ feel less resistance in
your everyday.

+ feel more confident in communicating what you want.

+ HOW to's & examples of how to log your days
+ Moon Tracker
+ Period Tracker
+ Guided Future Planning Tools
+ Worksheets to prep you for logging your days
+ Worksheets to support your future vision casting
+ 4 Weeks of Logging
+ Weekly summary worksheets
+ Customizable Daily Tracking Tool
+ Supportive Resources

what's inside

"I’d done quite a bit of self-discovery work last year but was still feeling a bit overwhelmed. When I saw Camp Climb was offering a workbook based on building the groundwork for the life I wanted I knew I wanted to give it a try. It was just the tool I needed. The workbook helped me identify some gaps in my life that were keeping me from locking in on my goals. During the use of the workbook I took a huge leap of faith and signed up for a retreat in Costa Rica. The book was the perfect lead up to a life changing trip and just what I needed to give myself time and space to solidify all the work I’d done over the year! I can definitely see myself coming back to the workbook as a tool to check in and keep myself on track! Thank you Camp Climb!"
 -Laura Johnson @lalalaura

the tool I needed...

We understand in these unprecedented times that you desire to get started sooner than later in this workbook. That is why we are offering to ALL PRE-SALE ORDER purchasers a FREE digital PRINTABLE copy so you have the option to start NOW!

What's not included:
pink + blue highlighters and your favorite pen.
We encourage you to collect these items to make this a pleasurable experience!


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